Lakme is an Indian cosmetic brand. It ranked at number 1 among all the cosmetic brands in India. This brand continuously innovates to offer a wide range of high performance and world class cosmetics, skincare products. It also offers its consumers a huge beauty experience through its products that are ideal for the variety of Indian skin tones.

Lakme was the India’s first cosmetic brand to introduce make up to Indian women. It has a complete beauty brand including cosmetics & skin care and extending to beauty services.

The prices of this brand product are reasonable and the quality is also very nice. A beginner should use the products of this brand. They have a wide variety of makeup and skin care products with a very good quality. The products of lakme are very budget friendly.


Colorbar is one of the India’s leading beauty brand now a days. They promise to make every woman feel beautiful with their best. Their beauty products delivered in a uniquely Colorbar experience at their own stores. Indian beauty brand Colorbar is trying to push the development of clean beauty products as it strives to become one of the top three beauty firms in the world. This brand was founded by Samir Modi.

The thing with this cosmetics brand is that they tend to have relatively higher price ranges, but their quality in turn is much better and comparable to various popular makeup products.

The prices of this product brand are relatively high but in the range of Rs 300 to Rs 1000 a good quality product is available especially blush and the shades of lipstic of colorbar.


Pac is one of the very few brands from India that follow the international model of selling eye shadows by the pan. The best feature of this brand is of course the price point – with the quality that they provide, PAC Cosmetics still manage to keep products at a price range that is accessible the most. They provide very affordable eye lashes and are as good as any other Eye Lashes you get from US drugstore but as if anyone don’t have such options, they make a good one. If anyone is looking for some good eye lashes in India these can be a great pick.

Anyone need not to compromise with the quality because the quality of the products of this brand. Everyone should try their makeup fixer, lash glue, lipsticks and especially the set of brushes.

Blue heaven

Blue Heaven Cosmetics has experienced such an eventful journey in the Indian cosmetics industry. Beauty cosmetic is an ever changing world. The company’s product development departments therefore have been working systematically with the evolution of trendy color pattern, theme, etc.

Blue heaven is the cheapest beauty brand in India. In the range of Rs 100 to Rs 600 almost all the products are available. Their products are the cheapest but not up to the mark. But it is best for daily use.

Lotus herbals

Lotus Herbals is India’s most leading natural cosmetics company. Based on more than 5000 year old science of Ayurveda and combining it with 21st century’s technology, they offer a well-researched and robust range of over 500 Skincare, Haircare and Make-up products. There are many beauty and skin care brands of this age-old science of wellness, and one of them is Lotus Herbals. This brand provides the best of Ayurveda and modern science to create the best products for your skin, body, and mind.

They provide brightening face wash for women for all skin types. It is the best face wash for glowing skin and is 100% chemical-free. It is free from paraffin, sulphate and synthetic fragrance. They provide a very wide range of makeup and skincare products. Their sun screen and face wash are very good to use. And especially their gel eye shadow is very nice as they blend very easily.

Sugar cosmetics

Indian cosmetics brand SUGAR competes with established brands, but the eight-year old startup has managed to find its footing in the beauty industry. SUGAR Cosmetics is makeup brand which is high on style and higher on performance. This brand targets towards bold, independent women. They use the safest ingredients to manufacture our products. Their current range of products is Formaldehyde, Mineral Oil, Paraffin free. All products are tested.

They provide a very wide range of very good quality products like crayon lipstick, stick foundation, contouring shades, eyelinears. Their prices are high but worth it according to the quality of the product.

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