A girl’s true beauty lies only in the eyes of the girl which never fades with time. With different colours, shapes of the eyes are as unique to us as the genetic footprint and fingerprint is, revealing more about us than we might realize with just a passing glance. Bearing all that in mind, here are the most beautiful eyes in the world. Every girl is beautiful and have the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Every woman has one or two favourite make-up products which they prefer using while going out, in most of the cases it is a lipstick or kohl/ kajal. It is said that through eyes, anyone can see the soul of any person. So, eye makeup is very important to enhance the inner beauty as well as the outer beauty of the face. Doing it properly can significantly enhance the look and make the person feel more beautiful. By using different eye products like different shades of kohl/kajal, eyeliner, eye pencils, one can create a number of looks for different for each occasion and at different times.

There are various types of eye makeup: SMOKEY EYES LOOK

1.Natural Eyes

2.Shimmery Eyes

3.Cat Eyes

4.Gradient Eyes

5.Cut crease Eyes

6.Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye makeup is the most dramatic style of eye makeup. This style of eye makeup is very very popular, though it is generally not a style that should be worn every day. Instead, smokey makeup looks are best for fancy occasions. This style of eye makeup makes use of eye shadow primer, at least two eye shadows,  eye linear, and mascara. A classic black smokey eye makeup is the most famous for a reason. This iconic makeup style looks good on every girl and is universally flattering. When looking for a sexy night time look, this is a simple go-to style that always works so it’s important to have it in your collection of types of eye makeup.

Material required for smokey eyes: SMOKEY EYES LOOK



3.Black kohl/ kajal

4.Eye shadow

5.Blending brush

6.Eye linear



Steps to create classic smokey eyes:

You should always start with a clean base. Apply a good primer which allows the makeup to stay longer and makes it easier to blend the eye shadows. Use concealer properly under the eyes and on the eyelids to even out any discoloration. A concealer is a cosmetic which covers all the dark circles, age spots, and small blemishes of the skin.

Pack on black or any dark eye shadow to the outer corner and into the crease.

Blend out the eye shadow with the help of blending brush, so there are not any harsh lines remaining on the face.

Apply a gel or pencil eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line.

Smudge it out and blend it with the existing black eye shadow or any dark with the help of blending brush.

 If you want to create an intense look, you can take eyeliner and make it more deepen. Make sure that it blend out well.

Take the kohl/ kajal under the eyes.

Smudge it out to create the smokey effect.

It’s time for the finishing touches. Apply your favourite volumize mascara, and add highlighter in the inner corner of eyes near nose. Mascara is a liquid cosmetic which enhances the eyelashes. It darkens, lengthens, and defines the eyelashes. Highlighter helps in highlighting the key body parts easily.

And now you are good to go!!

The black or dark colour smokey eyes are classic and perfect for a night out at the club!!

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